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Petite Cupcakes is so much more than just a label. It's a Feel-good clothing, a cheerful spirit. Our design reflects a happy lifestyle. This novel fashion baby carries depth in the name. Cupcakes may not be the most luxurious food on earth, but it will always bring a smile to your face, simple yet fun.

Petite Cupcakes designs are baked with basic patterns (the flour) and topped with detail decorations (the icing). Just like how colorful icing could enhance the taste and the look of a cupcake; that is how small details in fashion can bring surprises to clothing.

Sweet designs and Simple prints are playfully combined to give us a style all of our own, ensuring that our collections are always full of character.

At Petite Cupcakes, there's always something for everyone. So take a pick from our recipe file and feel free to experiment until you find the perfect combination that suits your taste.

Let's savor a sweet memory with Petite Cupcakes and always be alert for new flavors..